Summer Day Camps

2014 Summer Day Camps

Dig in deep with hands-on natural science & cultural history camps!

Summer Day Camps are Mondays through Fridays; 8:30am – 12:30pm

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Sodbusters – Life on a Prairie Homestead

Ages 6 – 8: July 7 – 11
Ages 9 – 12: July 14 – 18
Can you survive in a new land far from your friends, relatives and stores? Explore homesteading life through daily adventures at the soddies. Care for the farm animals and garden, cook on the wood stove, attend a one-room school house, heritage crafts, and more. Life on an 1887 homestead is challenging and full of surprises!

Prairie Excavators

Ages 6 – 8: July 7 – 11
Dive underground with the masters of digging – the prairie dogs! Discover the world of wildlife, roots and activity that goes on unseen under your feet. Experience the prairie from the top of a prairie dog mound: Who are the predators and how will you avoid danger? How do you survive the heat of the summer and the winter freeze? What are the prairie dogs talking about with all that chatter and barking?

Cheyenne Camp

Ages 6 – 8: July 14 – 18
Ages 9 – 12: July 7 – 11 and July 21 – 25
Experience the prairie like never before as you spend each day immersed in life at an 1837 Cheyenne Indian camp. Build your own tipi, craft your own arrows, cook fry bread over the campfire, paint a story hide with yucca brushes, find soap underground and make your own rope. Face daily challenges like learning how to use sign language to trade with other tribes and have fun practicing your archery skills and Cheyenne games. Discover how the Cheyenne relied on the bison for many of the things they needed (even water bottles and diaper powder!).

Eco Art

Ages 6 – 8: July 21 – 25
Ages 9 – 12: July 7 – 11
Can you make art with rocks or leaves?  Bring your creativity as we spend the week discovering your inner artist.  Journaling, painting and sculpting are just a few of the mediums we will explore.  You will also leave your mark on the Plains Center by creating a lasting piece of work.    

Wildlife CSI

Ages 6 – 8: July 14 – 18
Ages 9 – 12: July 21 – 25
Put on your detective hat as we learn how to read the signs left behind by wildlife. Work together to solve mysteries and unravel the predator – prey “crimes” of who ate whom. Even the smallest insects leave behind clues that you can learn to follow. We’ll also discover how scientists are using their knowledge of botany and bugs to aid police investigations and solve crime.

Outdoor Skills

Ages 9 – 12: July 14 – 18
Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh environment of the short-grass prairie?
Practice finding a shelter, mapping and orienteering, tracking, building a campfire, archery and more. We will draw on examples from nature and indigenous cultures to learn how to survive in periods of extreme drought, wind and sun on the grasslands.

Creepiest Critters of the Prairie

Ages 6 – 8: July 21 – 25
Have you ever seen an Ant Lion catch its prey? Do you know why snakes are a farmer’s best friend? Explore the prairie in search of the most interesting creepy crawlies on Earth. Collect terrestrial and aquatic insects, make a caddis fly home, observe an ant colony, discover the amazing adaptations of snakes and spiders.

All Girls-All Science

Ages 9 – 12: July 21 – 25
Who says science is just for boys?  Explore the exciting aspects of science and nature and how girls have a strong role as future scientists, ecologists, and biologists.  We will learn about great female scientists, like Mary Anning, who was one of the original fossil hunters, and bring some of their great work to life on the prairie.

Tipi Overnights

Ages 6 – 12: July 11 – 12; July 18 – 19; July 25 - 26
Experience the prairie after dark! Campers will enjoy evening activities including safari wagon ride, Native American lore and campfire. Make memories sleeping under the stars in a Cheyenne tipi. Mornings will include breakfast and special explorations of the prairie and Cheyenne camp. Overnights begin at 6:30pm on Friday evenings and conclude at 9am Saturday mornings. They include evening snacks and breakfast. Camp counselors (ages 13 – 18) sleep in the tipis with campers and a Plains Center staff member is on site at all times.

Weekly Camp Schedule

  Ages 6 - 8 Ages 9 - 12
July 7 - 11 Sodbusters - Life on a Prairie Homestead Cheyenne Camp
Prairie Excavators Eco Art
July 14 - 18 Cheyenne Camp Sodbusters - Life on a Prairie Homestead
Wildlife CSI Outdoor Skills
July 21 - 25 Creepiest Critters of the Prairie Cheyenne Camp
Eco Art Wildlife CSI
  All Girls - All Science









Preschool Day Camp  - Prairie Safari

Ages 4 – 5: July 28 – August 1
Monday through Friday; 9am – 11:30am
Just like the Savannah’s of Africa, the prairies of Colorado are teeming with life.  We will put on our safari hats and vests, and use our binoculars to explore the animals and plants of the prairie.  Your young explorer will create lasting memories on our various expeditions to get up close and personal with the wildlife on the prairie.

Camp Tuition

    Early Bird Registration
before May 1, 2014
after May 1, 2014
Youth Day Camps Members $140 $160
Non-members $160 $180
Tipi Overnights Members $30 $40
Non-members $40 $50
Preschool Day Camp Members $70 $80
Non-members $80 $90


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