Plan Your Visit

EXPLORE the 1,100-acre natural area and you may find pronghorn, prairie dogs, coyotes, mule deer, meadowlarks and red-tailed hawks. Look more closely and discover a buffalo grass jungle, tracks and traces from wildlife, or the bright colors of the prairie in bloom.

DISCOVER how the prairie shaped the lives of two very different cultures. Tipis show of the traveling lifestyle of the Cheyenne. Wells Crossing—our 1887 rural outpost—offers all the settled comforts of a pioneer lifestyle: two homesteads, a school house, a blacksmith shop, an heirloom garden and a chicken coop.

RELAX and spend some time in the Front Range Building—our museum and nature center. Explore exhibits on the wildlife, plant life and people of the prairie, browse a 300+ title resource library or check out what’s in our Conservation Tool Shed.

LEARN by going on a guided walk or wagon ride, or by attending special event. PCC offers interactive programs for all ages and ability levels, designed to help you discover then fun of your local prairie. Times and dates are posted here on the website, or pick up a program schedule at the Front Range Building.

PLAY at the Nature Nook, a place for young children to explore and discover. Children can investigate like a scientist, dig like a prairie dog, pump water like a pioneer, engineer like a beaver and build like a Plains Indian.

AFTER YOUR VISIT think about the challenges that face all life on the prairie—plant, animal and human. We hope you leave with an appreciation for the High Plains as well as new ideas about how you can conserve precious resources in your life.

CONSERVATION AND RESPECT Please conserve this resource for others to enjoy too. Please respect people who are also here, and respect wildlife by not harassing or disturbing their homes.


  • PCC is home to prairie rattlesnakes. Avoid surprise rattlesnake encounters by staying on designated trails and keeping hands and feet away from concealed areas.
  • PCC is cactus country. Stay on designated trails and wear sturdy, closed-toe shows to avoid harm.
  • Bring plenty of water with you on the trail. Even on cool days, water will help you feel comfortable and refreshed.
  • Severe weather can happen quickly. Please watch the sky and listen for thunder. Return to a sheltered area at the first sign of severe weather.
  • All animals at the PCC should be treated with respect. Never approach wildlife or their homes. Observe wildlife from a safe distance. Observe domestic animals with caution. Never place your hand or foot in a hole or in an animal’s home.

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Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM