Birthday Parties

Tired of the same old birthday party?  Bring your friends to the Plains Conservation Center and discover the wonders and history of the prairie!  Spend your special day exploring a sod house, a tipi, or the open prairie when you choose any one of our exciting birthday party programs!

Choose Your Party Theme

Pioneer Party

Choose two of the following activities:

1) Pioneer Games (Ages 5 and up)
Play some of the games children played in the 1800’s.  Discover which of your favorite games were around in pioneer times!  Games include marbles, horseshoes, graces, anty anty over, and many more!

2) Pioneer Crafts (Ages 5 and up)
Learn to make a craft that pioneers children might have made.  Choose from the following list: cornhusk dolls, rag rug coaster

3) Pioneer Farm and Ranching Chores (Ages 5 and up)
Pump water from a well, feed the animals, do laundry, brand leather, learn to lasso and more as you dress up like pioneers and do some work on the farm.

4) Pioneer School Lessons (Ages 7 and up)
Dress up in pioneer clothing and experience school in a one-room schoolhouse. Be sure you’re on your best behavior or you just might have to wear the dunce cap!

5) Pioneer Cooking (Ages 8 and up)
Help bake your own birthday cookies on a wood burning stove! 

Cheyenne Games & Skills

Ever wonder how to put up a tipi or shoot bows and arrows?  Come learn both these skills, play Cheyenne games, and so much more!  (Ages 8 and up.)

Prairie Wagon Ride & Live Animal Presentation

Come experience all the wonders of the open prairie as you ride through (and explore!) prairie dog towns, watch the land for pronghorn and coyotes, and search the sky for hawks and eagles.  Then meet some of our live animals inside, including a bull snake, a box turtle, and a tiger salamander. (Ages 4 & up.)

Who’s Been Here?

No matter the season, animals always leave behind clues for us to find.  Come search the prairie for tracks, scat, homes, and more to discover what the animals of the prairie have been up to! (Ages 4 & up.)

Bugs Galore!

Get down on your hands and knees and search for the prairie’s tiniest residents.  We will explore the prairie for both land insects and aquatic insects, so prepare to get a little wet! (Ages 4 & up.)

Evening Astronomy and Campfire

Experience the evening sounds of the prairie as we explore the night sky, the stars, and the moon with a high power telescope.  Then listen to star stories around a campfire! (Ages 10 & up.)

Birthday Party Information

Cost:  $150 for members; $170 for nonmembers

We Provide: 

• 2 hour time block, including 30 minutes for cake and presents in the yurt
• 1.5 hour Naturalist-led program of your choice
• The use of reusable bowls, plates, cups, and silverware to keep your party green, as well as napkins

Times:  Parties may be scheduled for 2 hour time blocks Saturdays and weekday afternoons/evenings.  This time frame includes the 1.5 hour naturalist lead program of your choice followed by 30 minutes rental of the yurt for cake and presents.  Please call 303-693-3621 for available time blocks.

Capacity: 15 children (this includes the birthday child and his/her siblings age 4 and up)

Chaperones:  There must be one adult for every 5 children to help supervise the children. 

Set up:  You may arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up for your party.  We ask that you please do not bring balloons or noisemakers.

Dress: All of the parties will spend time outside, so please dress according to the weather.  Remember that the prairie might feel cooler than the city and the wind might be stronger.  Regardless of temperature, wear closed-toe shoes and sunscreen, and bring water.

Booking your Party:  Call 303-693-3621 to find out availability and to reserve your day.  Party must be booked three weeks prior to the date of your party.  Payment must be made in full two weeks prior to the date of your party to confirm your reservation.

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