Prairie Preschool

Looking for rabbit forms

Explorers Program

Tuesdays from 9am - 10am or 10:30am - 11:30am

Join us each week as we uncover the wonders of the natural prairie of Colorado.  Each week provides a unique
learning opportunity, which will engage you and your child in investigations to stimulate curiosity, problem-solving and
a love of the natural world.  Your child (2-5 years) must be accompanied by an adult as programs are catered to families
working together to explore nature.

Reservations are highly recommended and are requested at least 24 hours in advance of the program.  $5 / member; $6 / non-member.
***Value Packages are available--please ask us.***

October:  Harvest

Autumn is here, and it is time to prepare for winter.  Join us as we explore how people and animals enjoy this festive time of year from harvesting crops and preserving food to storing food and building winter homes.          

7:  Harvest the crops 
14:  Preserve your food
21:  The prairie takes a break
28:  Fall favorites 

November: Fairy Tales

Who says fairy tales aren’t real?  Does a magical bean turn into a giant stalk to the sky?  Can a wolf really blow down a stick house?  Join us as we bring fairy tales to life on the prairie and give our own twist to classic favorites. 

4:  Chicken Little
11:  Jack and the Beanstalk
18:  Goldilocks and the three bears
25:   Three Little Pigs

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Preschool Expeditions

Expeditions are a wonderful opportunity for you and your young learner to join in a building curriculum for six weeks.  Throughout the six weeks, learning experiences build on existing knowledge, and the program provides a more in-depth perspective on the planned topic.  Check back regularly for updated Expedition topics.


Field Trips for Preschool Groups

If you are a preschool teacher or group leader, you can bring your students to Plains Center for a wonderful, hands-on field trip. Please see our School & Youth Groups page for more information.


Comments & Feedback

What do you think about the Prairie Preschool Program?  Please email me with any comments you have.  I would love to hear about the things your child liked or disliked.  We are always looking for ways to make the program better, so any suggestions are welcome.  Email me at or call Adrienne at 303-693-3621 ext. 108.




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