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Visiting the Bison Herd

Visiting the bison herd

I pull the wagon up a dusty ridge

to where a herd of sixty bison graze.

Massive hulks of brown surround the truck

and snap up cookies that we throw to them.

I hear their snorting and their tearing of

the grasses with their teeth and thumping hooves

that dance and pirouette to guard their turf.

Their feints and sprints surprise me with their grace.


The calves that just a dozen weeks

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Prairie Discovery Journal

Here is your WILD PRAIRIE Discovery Journal You can be an explorer too!

Observation1: What is my perspective of the prairie? What do I expect to see and do?

Observation 2: Use senses to explore and record the smells, sounds and feelings you experience:

Observation 3: Here is what I observed: A land animal (insects, spiders, and worms are land animals too!) A plant Stones and the Earth

Observation 4: My interview with nature:

Observation 5: What were the most interesting things I observed: what things am I still curious about?

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